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About My Inventory Online

Back in 2010 when we decided to build My Inventory Online there was no shortage of online inventory systems around but we noticed a distinct pattern. All the solutions available were in one of two flavours:

  1. Either they were simple and affordable but frustratingly lacked subtle features in flexibility such as:
    • Allowing stock to have multiple suppliers (with different prices)
    • Allowing stock to be kept in multiple locations
    • Tracking historical cost prices
    • Stock counting
    • Picking slips
    • Using multiple currencies
    • Customer price lists
  2. Or they were packed with complicated features, difficult to use, filled with inventory specific lingo and carried a heafty price tag. On top of this they require expensive hardware to run and IT experts to support the hardware.

Best of both worlds

We decided to take the challenge to build something in the middle of these two styles, which we're sure you will agree is a tough ask! What we have today is a system that is still incredibly user friendly, simple enough for anyone to understand and at the same time it's flexible enough to work for most businesses. Best of all it's a hassle free, affordable, online service!

But don't take our work for it, give it a try today and see for yourself!

"I'm finding it very easy to use. Great value for money."

- Anthony Hindley