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Inventory management

Take control of your inventory and have access to real time, accurate stock levels. No more time consuming manual counting and unreliable stock information.

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Sales order management

Streamline your sales order process by creating orders in seconds and have instant access to your sales figures. Get your sales orders paid quicker through PayPal.

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Purchase order management

Stock replenishment has never been so simple. Run a low stock report and with the click of a button create and send purchase orders to your suppliers.

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Customer management

Use our CRM functionality to keep track of all your customers, their contacts and notes. Know who your top customers are and what they are buying.

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Pricelist management

Your pricelists can be as simple or as complex as you need. Ensure your customers are always being charged the correct price by avoiding the chance of human error.

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Supplier management

Easily keep track of all your suppliers, the products they sell, cost and sale prices and purchase orders placed with them.

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Courier management

Manage multiple couriers each with their own lists of delivery services. Easily charge for a delivery service on your sales and purchase orders.

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Customised for your business

No matter where you are or what you sell, My Inventory Online can work for your business. Currencies, exchange rates, tax rates, units of measurement (and much more) can all be customised to your needs.

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