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Product management

  • Easily keep track of all the products you sell
  • Sell stock products or services
  • Each Product can have multiple suppliers
  • Each Product can have multiple locations
  • Manage stock levels by product
  • Unit conversion - Buy in cases, sell by the item
  • Work in Imperial or Metric measurements
  • Pick Policies - FIFO or LIFO
  • Create product variants for size, color etc.
  • Quickly import all your product data

Stock location management

  • Keep stock in multiple warehouses
  • Keep stock in multiple racks/shelf numbers
  • Manage stock levels by location
Manage Stock Locations
Manage Adjustments

Adjustment management

  • Keep track of every piece of stock in your warehouse
  • View adjustment history by date, product, reason
  • Create Count Sheets for stock taking
  • Create bulk adjustments
  • Track stock by serial/batch numbers

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Try it for Free! Simple, Powerful Inventory Management in the Cloud

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