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Managing pricelists with My Inventory Online

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sometimes you want to give loyal customers discounts and incentives to order more. Agreeing the discount is easy, you then need to remember to apply it for every order! Luckily My Inventory Online gives you a simple solution to ensure you are always charging the correct price.

By default all customers are charged stock prices meaning they are charged the sales price set directly on the product. You can create custom pricelists to allow discounts to as few or as many products as you wish.

Click 'Customers' -> 'Pricelists' -> 'Create a new Pricelist'. Give your new pricelist a descriptive name such as '10 Discount' or even the name of a specific customer so you can easily reference it. Next click the 'Prcelist Items' tab and start adding products to the pricelist. You will be able to see the stock price as you enter your new discounted price.

Next edit your customer and simply change the 'Pricelist' dropdown list from 'Stock Prices' to the new prcelist you have just created. Any products not on your new pricelist will just revert back to the stock pricelist! 


"It's a great system. I would definitely recommend it to others."

- Gavin Richards