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New Stock Detail Tracking and Pick Policies

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Inventory Online now has new enhanced stock tracking abilities. When viewing stock you will have the option of using a simple stock view (as before) or the new detailed stock view which will show exactly when each item of stock was received into the system plus the original cost price it was purchased for.

stock detail

Going hand in hand with the stock details tracking, we have added the new pick policy option to products. The available options are 'First In First Out' which will always release the oldest stock in the system or 'Last In First Out' which will always release the newest stock in the system.

Pick Policy

Please note that stock history will be recorded going forward so if you don't see the stock view options then no history has been recorded for this product yet. We hope you enjoy these changes!


"Thanks to MIO I can manage my stock far more accurately now."

- Grant Davies