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Replenishing stock with My Inventory Online

Friday, March 1, 2013

The easiest way to know when you need to reorder a product is by using the 'Reorder Quantity' field on each product. The value you choose will depend on how many of that product you sell and the lead time needed when ordering it in e.g. If you know you sell roughly 50 items per week and your supplier can deliver in 1 week you may choose to set the reorder quantity to 50 (or a bit more for comfort).

Your home page always gives you a quick reference to how many of your products are ready for reordering. Check the 'Notifications' section for a count of how many products have reached the reorder quantity you have set. Clicking the link takes you directly to a low stock report showing you these products (alternatively click 'Reports' -> 'Low Stock').

Below the low stock grid you will find a dropdown list containing all suppliers who currently have low stock products. By clicking 'Create PO' we will automatically create a new purchase order for your chosen supplier containing all their low stock products. Simply adjust the quantities you require and click 'Send'!


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