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Stock counting with My Inventory Online

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nobody enjoys counting stock, but sadly it's just part of the business! Whether you count monthly, quarterly or annually we've tried to make it as easy as possible. Please follow these quick steps to learn how to count your stock with My Inventory Online.

Select 'Inventory' -> 'Count Sheets' -> 'Create New Count Sheet'

In the right hand column you will notice there are two ways to build up the products you need to count. The 'Add product' option allows you to add products individually (if you are only counting certain products) or you can simply click 'All Products'. The 'Add Stock Location' option allows you add add all products within a specific stock location in your warehouse. When you are happy with the selection of products click 'Save Count'.

When you are ready to physically start counting stock then click 'Start Count'. At this point we take a snapshot of the stock levels for all products on your countsheet. You should not be processing any orders between now and the end of your count and this will leave you with incorrect stock levels.

By clicking 'Print Count' you can print a list which you can take with you into your stock room or warehouse. Just run through the list counting each product and marking down the actual quantity in the space provided.

When you are done counting fill in the actual quantities available and click 'Complete Count'. You will have the option of entering the reasons for any discrepancies such as expired, damaged etc. At this point your live stock figures are updated and adjustment records are created where necessary for your reference - these can be viewed by clicking 'Inventory' -> 'Adjustment History'.


"It's a great system. I would definitely recommend it to others."

- Gavin Richards